From 12th August to 20th September Wilson Sukorski will be in an artistical residency at Civitella Ranieri Foundation's castle in little city of Umbertibe, Umbria, Italy, where he will develop a proto opera "HB :: The Flow" for 31 solo voices in simultaneous displacement in parallel to a servo mobile controlled platform and generative scores. Based on themes of Henri Bergson's  philosophy.

After this period Wilson Sukorski is planning be in Europe an extra time from 21 September to 10 of October - then he wants offer for your appreciation the show NO CARNIVAL :

A monoband multimedia presentation with a blend of the the exotic and contemporary. Breaking the dualism among the repeaters of an archaic tradition and the creators of the new.

NO CARNIVAL is a multimedia presentation that reflects on typical Brazilian sounds far beyond the stereotypes that surround the so-called "Brazilian music" that often prejudicially - creating an expectation of an exotic music of noble savages, with no room for evolution or new visions.

NO CARNIVAL uses the entire tools and tricks of the  contemporary music composition, using techniques and programs like  : Csound, SuperCollider, AC Tools, Open Music, etc. Plus a fresh vision to portray Brazilian musical materials - from rhythms to soundscapes captured by Wilson Sukorski for several and varied inroads into the country.

This monoband presentation may also count on an invited soprano at each city.


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Program Notes

For the fish  (7’11 / 2013)
Music composed by transduction of the electric power of the electric fish from the Amazon. Five fish families are heard: aptenorotidae, eigenmannidae, electrophoridae, Gymnotidae, Hypopomidae, rhamphichtydae and Sternopygidae. The samples of these signals produced by fish are then analyzed in their spectral content. This content is resynthesized with various different spectral sounds forming moving masses.

Papadim (12’03 / 2012)
Strong and dense. The composition 'Papadim' is constructed by 'samples' that form a very dense rhythmic base. This 8-channel version with sounds recorded on the streets and festivals, prayers in church, religious folk music and other sounds in Juazeiro do Norte - city of Priest Cicero Romão - Padim Padre Cicero, in portuguese. Plus some percussion groups recorded in Crato (town very near Juazeiro), all in northeastern Brazil.

HO :: Noir's City (9’17 / 2012)
Excert from HO::City Lights opera in one movement composed based in the book from – The Hackers Crackdown, Law and Disorder in the Electronic Frontier - of the cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling. About the history of the hackers and their acts being criminalized. Electronic's clouds over a collage of the most important virus, cyber attacks and hacker's codex - Many of the thing taked from the TV news all around the world.

Geek Girl (6’31 – 2012)
Excert from HO::City Lights for local soprano and live electronics.
I’m a geek girl / Ya know ? / A geek girl in a world full of / Hackers / Trackers / Geekers  /  Trackers  / Cybies  / Suckers ? /  I’m so pretty / Exquisite ? / Girlfriend of an AI / Who Am I ?

WaterMusic (8’47 – 2013)
real time manipulation of recorded and pre-edited sound's material of the Iguaçu's Cataratas in south of Brazil. Lots of falling water resynthesised via SuperCollider over a kind of electronic pedal conceived in CSound. Water music is full conceived as a four channels sound projection. Plus some Amazon rivers water's sounds.

Urubu - Black Vulture (11’13 – 2011)
Excerpt from the DVD recorded in 2011. is a metaphysical trip to the confines of the national surrealistic reality and its reverberations in the abstract temporal and composicional substratum. De-constructions of this perpetual misery. Nor the end, nor the beginning: the passage.


Composer, electronic musician, multimedia performer, creator / producer of musical content for radio / video / film, designer and builder of original musical instruments and researcher in digital audio. - Works intensively in various musical activities in Brazil and abroad. He composes for film, experimental video, audio art installations, urban art, art and new media, in addition to performing in concerts and musical monobandpresentations in Brazil with strong international career.

Projects developed recently include: "Somnium" performed at the event Sudamerica Electrónica in the Stars, Planetary Ibirapuera SP :::::: "Espanca Mosca / Fly’s beating" - monoband show held at "Experimentaclub Madrid" and DA2 Center - Salamanca, Spain ::: ::: "Music of Invention": lecture / concert at AV Media Lab Prado - Madrid :::::: "M of Machado" and "7 Impromptus around Heiner Muller" with actor Paul César Pereio :::: :: "Superstrings" and "Somcilotto" sound installations :::::: "Orqestra Laptops de S. Paulo" (File - Hypersonics) :::::: "São Paulo, the Metropolis Symphony" Jerusalem Cinematheque: ::::: show "Test Tube" with Pepe da Mata Machado in  CCBB SP :::::: show "code name::  VRVBV" Audio Art Festival (Krakow, Ciezyn and Gdansk) in Poland :: "PSSA Sub Aquatic Soundscapes" sound installation for swimming pools ::: "Taps of Love" with José Wagner Garcia on Milo Manara in Live Cinema Oi Futuro Ipanema. :: "Streaming  Performance (Live Jasmin version) " Festival Eletronika / Vivo Arte.Mov - Belo Horizonte. :: "Wet Music ' multimedia presentation for swimming pools, Mostra SESC de Artes :: Cons(c)erto of Experimental Music – multimedia lecture:::: Streaming Concert - Homage to John Cage’s Centennial10 different countries musicians playing Variations I and others by internet connection at  Virada Cultural SP :: HO City Lights with Marcus Bastus - multimedia opera in one act on Bruce Sterling “Hacker’s Crackdown” book :: Dissonant Staircase sound installation with sensors and live generating music.

Currently conducts research related to spectral harmony, Max, Live, Csound, Open Music, PWGL, virtual instruments, automatic instruments, urban sound installations, streaming and other media related music, underwater acoustics, game music, among many other interests.

Much more info :

Musical Excerpts


1. Papadim

2. HO Noir's City







Technical Rider
4 speakers full range + 1 subwoofer
                1 digital mixer with 16 channels
                1 voice microphone (for soprano) + 6 direct boxes

2 video projectors
                2 black ROSCO transparent screens
                1 LED red light corridor (at the back of stage)
                2 LED points of illumination (back and front)

                Transportation  (Europe-Europe)
                Simple, business-like Hotel for 1 or 2 days.

Proposed Stage Design