a.k.a. Personal Music


Videos by

José Wagner Garcia, Luiz Duva, W. Sukorski, Christian Cancino and special featuring Paulo César Pereio


Definition : Fly's Beating - Personal Music is a solo experimental electronic music show with video projections, quadraphonic sound environment, unusual electroacoustic instruments, some vintage gears, and many brazilian's references.

Fly's Beating is also a reunion of different musics and phases of my work, and its experimental videos were made by friends specially for the event.

Fly's Beating was presented at the Theatre de la Foundarie, Le Mans, France; Concerto em el Limb0 at Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Krakow, Gdansk and Cyeszin in Poland and also at various festivals and events in Brazil .

Now, returning to Europe for a series of concerts.

Program Notes

(All music composed by Wilson Sukorski / Musical Demolitions Ed.)

•  Amazing Amazon (AAbstract) (05 – 16') : Electronic music created in Csound + Gran Cordas live. The video from José Wagner Garcia are related to satellite images from the Amazon Jungle, in abstract sense.

•  Vermelho Sangue (Blood's Red) – (06 – 7'30) : Electronic pulse music composed for the project of Luiz Duva. For theremin and electronics.

•  BP (06 - 12') : Csound music originally created for dance . Live intervention in PD and electric guitar.

•  SomCilotto (07 – 5') : algorithmic music and flash objects created on 49 of the main works of the “concrete painter” Luiz Saciolotto.

•  Papadim (07 – 12') : sample composition about recorded street sounds and others, at Juazeiro do Norte (the Priest Cícero Romão city) and some drum music recorded at Crato (city very close to Juazeiro) both at Northeast of Brazil. Samples, rythms and crazy loops.

•  Smetakeando or WS2 (07 - 8') : composed with samples of original musical instruments of Walter Smetak (swiss / brazilian experimental luthier) - for similar sound constructed in PD.


Technical Rider


Digital mixer with 16 channels

Quadraphonic amplification with subwooffer

12 active direct boxes

1 headset hi quality microphone

a very beatiful table (for the laptops) 1,80 X 0,60 X 0,80 cm

one scenic chair (0,80 cm high)

Video and light

2 video projectors with one transparent screen in front of the stage and the other screen at the end of the stage (see stage design).

Various light points and a red corridor (see the stage design)