SpAsM (1929)

sÃo pAUlo, tHe mEtrOpOLis SympHoNY





........sILent filM & LiVe mUsiC by

tRaGtenBerG & sUkoRsKi


The Old Film : SPASM (29)

The Film : São Paulo, the Metropolis Symphony from 1929, was like the various symphonies around the world (Berlin, New York) an hymn to the progress, and it's, besides it's simple way of seeing things, and maybe because of it, can put all nude the 20th century modern project.

One day in the life of a big city. From early morning to the night. It was filmed by two immigrants : Rudolph Rex Rustig and Adalberto Kemeny in 1929. It's a silent movie. We, Livio Tragtenberg and Wilson Sukorski were invited to compose and perform live music for that film in 1997. It's was a big sucess in Brasil, and after we are running the country and make a lot of presentations of this little gem.

Celluloid's city. City's jam Ford Ts. Zeppelin's city. City's prision. City's kaleidoscope.

Beginning with sound effects made live (like the radio features - using microphoned brush, table and cocoas) and introducing the music more and more until it's all and only music...

Musical Samples

Lunch Time

The Prision

The São Paulo, the Metropolis Symphony was presented in various Festivals and events in all Brasil, at Louvre Museum Auditory (Oct 05), at Jerusalem Cinemateque (Dec 07) and it's planning to be presented in Berlin in 08.