Brazilian Contemporary Music Scene :

Analysis of the main contemporary composers of recent music in Brazil. With many music auditions and information about the main currents in various styles : electroacoustics, acousmatic music, real time electronics and tradicional instruments, musical perfomance, live coding, free improvisation, among others.

The analysis is begun by the old schools and their manifests : Música Viva (Alive Music) from 1944 with music of the composers : Cláudio Santoro, HJ Koellreuter and Guerra Peixe; Música Nova (New Music) from 1968 with the music of Willy Correa de Oliveira, Gilberto Mendes, among others.

After it will be analyzed the so called intermediary generation Jorge Antunes, Conrado Silva, Rodolfo Caesar, Rodolfo Coelho de Souza. The next generation with Igor Lintz Maués, Flô Menezes, Silvio Ferraz, Fernando Iazzetta and others.

Experimental composers : Livio Tragtenberg, Wilson Sukorski, DJ Dolores, Tato Taborda and Tim Rescala.

The lecture is intent to clarify the brazilian concert music and experimental brances.

Wilson Sukorski : 3 Projects analysed

Sound Installations analysed are :
PSSA : Paisagens sonoras sub aquáticas (Underwater Soundscapes - 2011) octophonic sound installations for swimming pools and computer controlled sample player and spacialization.
SuperCordas (SuperStrings - 2010) installation for 11 strings attached to one wall - the largest (three) with 23 meters long and the smallest (eight) with 13 meters long. All the eleven strings are excited by e-bow specially designed for the project and eleven proximity sensors, plus sound amplification with 8 speakers,
Somcilloto (2010) - sonification of 49 paints of the concrete painter and artist Luiz Sacilotto. His very abstract and op art like paints and sculptures are now interpreted as surfaces and musical scores.