Personal Data

Composer, electronic musician, multimedia performer, creator / producer of musical content for radio / video / film, designer and builder of original musical instruments and researcher in digital audio. - Works intensively in various musical activities in Brazil and abroad. He composes for film, experimental video, audio art installations, urban art, art and new media, in addition to performing in concerts and musical monobandpresentations in Brazil with strong international career.

Projects developed recently include: "Somnium" performed at the event Sudamerica Electrónica in the Stars, Planetary Ibirapuera SP :::::: "Espanca Mosca / Fly’s beating" - monoband show held at "Experimentaclub Madrid" and DA2 Center - Salamanca, Spain ::: ::: "Music of Invention": lecture / concert at AV Media Lab Prado - Madrid :::::: "M of Machado" and "7 Impromptus around Heiner Muller" with actor Paul César Pereio :::: :: "Superstrings" and "Somcilotto" sound installations :::::: "Orqestra Laptops de S. Paulo" (File - Hypersonics) :::::: "São Paulo, the Metropolis Symphony" Jerusalem Cinematheque: ::::: show "Test Tube" with Pepe da Mata Machado in  CCBB SP :::::: show "code name::  VRVBV" Audio Art Festival (Krakow, Ciezyn and Gdansk) in Poland :: "PSSA Sub Aquatic Soundscapes" sound installation for swimming pools ::: "Taps of Love" with José Wagner Garcia on Milo Manara in Live Cinema Oi Futuro Ipanema. :: "Streaming  Performance (Live Jasmin version) " Festival Eletronika / Vivo Arte.Mov - Belo Horizonte. :: "Wet Music ' multimedia presentation for swimming pools, Mostra SESC de Artes :: Cons(c)erto of Experimental Music – multimedia lecture:::: Streaming Concert - Homage to John Cage’s Centennial – 10 different countries musicians playing Variations I and others by internet connection at  Virada Cultural SP :: HO City Lights with Marcus Bastus - multimedia opera in one act on Bruce Sterling “Hacker’s Crackdown” book :: Dissonant Staircase sound installation with sensors and live generating music.

Currently conducts research related to spectral harmony, Max, Live, Csound, Open Music, PWGL, virtual instruments, automatic instruments, urban sound installations, streaming and other media related music, underwater acoustics, game music, among many other interests.






Musics in mp3 and Videos

TemperaMental : Interactive Opera - over poems and texts by Décio Pignatari. Musical Demolitions (DMM 100) -Voices : Décio Pignatari. Compositions and live music : Livio Tragtenberg & Wilson Sukorski (93).

São Paulo, The Metropolis Symphony - Live recordings of the presentations of the silent film of 1929. Musical Demolitions (DMM 105). Compositions and live music by Livio Tragtenberg & Wilson Sukorski (97). Sponsor : SESC São Paulo.

Através da Janela (Trought the Window) - Sound track for the film by the film maker Tata Amaral. Musical Demolitions (DMM 107) with Livio Tragtenberg & Wilson Sukorski. (01)

oTaodoMinf - Main works of the experimental improvisation group oTaoDoMinf (ROM and Audio) between 89 e 90. Musical Demolitions (DMM 110). With : Wilson Sukorski, Sérgio Pinto, Téo Ponciano, Saulo Wanderley, Jorge Nakao, Regina Zaidan, among others. Sponsored by : 4º Sergio Motta Prize of Art and Technology (05). More info here (aka : urubú) - Electronic music and the surrealist aspects of the brazilian music. . Musical Demolitions (DMM 111). All compositions by Wilson Sukorski - Sponsored by: PPC Programa Petrobrás Cultural /Lei de Incentivo a Cultura.

collective :

VerbiVocoVisual - in comemoration of 50 years of Concrete Poetry - Noosfera with Livio Tragtenberg and Décio Pignatari (07)

SudamericaElectrónica - reunion of composers of experimental electronic music of South America- Popular Mechanics (02 version) composed almost in CSound much more info at >

DVDs :

DVD Amazing Amazon, 2005, experimental electronics and orchestra, 70 min, Wilson Sukorski and José Wagner Garcia (vídeo), Noosfera / Petrobrás. Project of José Wagner Garcia about satellite images from the Amazon jungle. Abstract version included.

5º Sérgio Motta Prize for Art and Technology - With the project " ReReLa do oTaodoMinf" for recuperation, remasterization and making of a CD Rom with the main works of the experiemntal improvisation group "oTaodoMinf" all musics conducted and composed by Wilson Sukorski between 1987 and 1989. With Sérgio Pinto, 2005.

Prize Petrobrás Cultural - for the recording of the CD "" (aka : urubú) Music for electronics and strange instruments. No the end, nor the beginning, just a passage. 2006

PAC / ICMS - Cultural Program of the State of São Paulo - for the production of the Opera PRNY Project for a Revolution in New York, based on the nove by Alain Robbe Grillet. A revolution in the heart of capitalism and its contraditions (2007)

PROAC 12 - for the composition and 6 presentations of the multimedia opera in one act "HO :: City Lights" for soprano, string quartet, live electronics and video mapping. Based in the book "The Hacker's Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling on the history of the hackers and it's philosophy.

Prize Best Music for Long Film - Gramado's International Film Festival for the music of "Ponto Org" directed by Patrícia Moran (10)

Residence Civitella Ranieri Foundation - residence from 11 August to 20 September 13 for composition and structuralization of the "HB :: The Flow" electronic cantata fot 31 singers, geolocalization cues, automatic generative scores and slow moving servo platforms. Based on Henry Bergson philosophy.

Selected Works

Short Films

Músika - directed by Rafael Conde (89). Úbere São Paulo - directed by Roberto D'ávila (93). Caligrama - directed by Eliane Caffé (94). Ex-Mágico na Taverna Minhota - directed by Rafael Conde (95). 253B e Luiza vai para o Inferno - animation by Carlos Eduardo Nogueira (99 e 01). Fluorescências - diretion by Rachel Rosalen (01). Glass - direction by Rachel Rosalen (02). Blind Fold - direction by Anri Sala (02). Vila Ipojuca - direction by Tata Amaral and Sérgio Rosenblit (03). Gilette Azul - direction by Miriam Schneiderman (03). Desequilíbrio - direction by Francisco Garcia (03). Nano-Ilusão - direction by José Wagner Garcia (05). Film - by Samuel Beckett & Alan Schneider (68/05). A Cauda do Dino - by Francisco Garcia (07).

Long Films

São Paulo Sinfonia e Cacofonia - by  Jean Claude Bernadet (94). Um Céu de Estrelas - by Tata Amaral (96). Olhos de Vampa - by Walter Rogério (96). São Paulo A Symphonia da Metrópole (29/97) - by Adalberto Kemeny e Rodolfo Rex Lustig  (97). Através da Janela - by Tata Amaral (99). Sobre Anos 60 - by Jean Claude Bernardet (00). Carrego Comigo - by Chico Teixeira (01). Do outro Lado do Rio - by Lucas Bambozzi (04). Ponto Org - by Patrícia Moran (best music prize - Festival de Cinema de Gramado) - (10) Cores - Francisco Garcia (12) - A Margem da Corrente - by Caetano Dias (12)


Vitória sobre o Sol (Victory over the Sun) - by Renato Cohen (95). Ulikses - direct by Sérgio Penna with the Group Biruta of Scenic Arts (95). Anjo Negro (Black Angel) - directed by Ulysses Cruz (94). Deméter and Pérsefone - directed by Sérgio Penna (95). Um Céu de Estrelas (Stairy Star) - directed by Lígia Cortez (96). Senhorita Else - directed by Márcio Aurélio (97). Ueinzz Viagem a Babel (Ueinzz Trip to Babel) - directed by S.Penna and R. Cohen (97). Dédalus - directed by S.Penna and R. Cohen (98). Gothan SP - directed by S.Penna e R. Cohen (01 a 04). Dr. Caligari - directed by Lenerson Polonini (05). Esperando Godot - directed by Lenerson Polonini (05). Heiner Muller em Repertório - directed by Lenerson Polonini (07).

Automatic Music Composition Systems

Música Pessoal - Personal Music - Expert System in Prolog. For the XVII Internacional Biennual of São Paulo (87). Música Fractal (Fractal Music System) - Expert System in Prolog on fractals algorithms.For the XVIII Internacional Biennual of São Paulo (89). Amazing Amazon - Composition system for genetic algorithm. Developed at INPE National Space Institute (98/99). 11.23 e Maratona para Autômatas - System of mixing elements by programable neural nets (01). Amazing Amazon II - Composition system with genetic algorithm. (04 e 05)


Shows / Performances / Sound Installations

oTaoDoMinfFree Improvisation Experimental Music Group (92). NICs – Popular Music Experimental Group (92/3). Show : "Café Concerto" with the musical theater piece DDI Descrição de Imagem" (Image's Description), text by Heinner Muller, actor Paulo Goya (93). Show : "Aventuras da Retreta Sintética" with L.Tragtenberg (94). Show : "Demolições Musicais Ltda. (Musical Demolitions) " with L. Tragtenberg (95). Multimedia Event : "TemperaMental" with the poet Décio Pignatari and Livio Tragtenberg (94). Installations : "Musical Automata" and "Incidental Music" for the event Arte Cidade II - A Cidade e seus Fluxos – City Art II - The City and its Fluxus (95). Pocket Show - Concerto de Bolso – Musical show with experimental instruments and live electronics (95/6). N'Ave Performance scenic and musical with 20 original instruments created by Walter Smetak (1913-1984) - SESC São José do Rio Preto (96). Vertigo – Performance Electro acrobatic theatrical and musical - with Acrobáticos Fratelli (a circus company), actress and live electronic music. SESC Santo Amaro Projeto Mundão (98). Performance-on-Lineshow with dance and live electronic music,  projection of films in 35 e 16 mm, vídeo, websites and slides. SESC Santo Amaro Projeto Mundão (98). Fora da Banda Out of Band - Musical Installation with sensors and texts narrated on the subject of the invisible at Rua Cel. Oliveira Lima the main street in the city of Santo André for 30 days (00).Zoundz - 8 sound pages for internet in Flash for SESC SP Project Free Internet - Click here for the link (01). Maratona para Autômatas (Marathon for Automaton)- Electronic music mixed by neural net program, live music + contemporary dance performance for up to 5 hours (01). PopKorski & TechnoBerg - Electronic music with Livio Tragtenberg (01) Blind Fold - music for the video installation by Anri Sala - Albany / France in the XXIV Internacional Biennual of São Paulo (02). Candidato Bom Partido - music for the dance show of Lela Queiróz (02/3 e 04). Revelando Corpos (Bodies Revealing) - musical intevention in Paulista Show Arts - with Leila D. Barsolis, during up to 4 hours. Rock Gallery in downtown São Paulo (02). Vermelho Sangue (Blood's Red) - VJ and live electronic music. By Luiz Duva. Premiered at " Red Bull Live Images ", SESC Pompéia and Belenzinho. (02) Exposição Relações Hiper Digitais (Santander Cultural - P.Alegre - 2003) Estudo dos Corpos Pós Humanos II - o Heliogábalo (Studies in the Post human bodies II - The Heliogabalus : Musical drama on the text of Antonin Artaud, for live electronics, soprano / actress, and performer. Teatro Municipal de Santo André (02) JR - João Ramalho para Principiantes (João Ramalho for Beginners) - musical theater for actor, live electronics and data show. On the tragetory of the founder of São Paulo. SESC Santo André (03) Show Tempo e Luz - with Lívio Tragtenberg. SESC Ipiranga (03) Desvio para o Vermelho (Red Shiffitng) - music for string orchestram electronics and voices, for the event "Energy of a Dream" 50th birthday of Petrobrás - in São Paulo and 13 cities all over Brasil.

5o.Prêmio Sérgio Motta (Sergio Motta Prize for Art and Technology): o ReReLa do oTaoDoMinf recuperation and masterization of the music of the experimental improvisation group oTaodoMinf (1989) (05). Making of the experimental game Chatô - Jogo Chatô (Chatô The Boring Game - Final Frontier) – in the Game Cultura, SESC Pompéia (Jan 05) Participation in the Festival “ MaerzMusik – Festival fur Aktuelle Musik ” in Berlin, with the film “São Paulo, Sinfonia e Cacofonia” - long collage film with live music, and “Walter Smetak Die Symbologie der Instrumente” with the original instruments made by Walter Smetak. (Mar05). Made three presentations of the silente movie wtih live music “ São Paulo, A Symphonia da Metrópole ” (São Paulo the metropolis symphony) (6,7,8 de Out 05) in the Auditory of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Show : show solo “ Fly's Beating ” and with the Teatre Group Ueinzz in “Gothan SP” , Theatre La Fonderie, in Le Mans, France (20 e 22 de Oct 05).

Sound Installation “Narcisos em Movimento” with Wilson Sukorski, Luiz Duva and Ana Fuccia, SESC Ribeirão Preto (Jan e Feb 06). “Mostra Samuel Beckett 100 Anos ” with 7 theaters spectacles and workshops (5) on the autor. Live music for “Film” (1965) by Alan Schneider and Samuel Beckett. (Apr 06) “HiperBailão da Saudade” in the integration Festival for the Third age people. at SESC Bertioga (May 06) Event for TV "Totem TV" an homage to Nam June Paik, dead in 2006 - TV Cultura e Cultural TV network (Jun 06). Show “Cantares de Hilda” on the poems of Hilda Hilst (Chopperia SESC Pompéia – 28 May) with Maria Teresa Moreira de Jesus. Music for the Intallation “Desert/Sutra” of Rachel Rosalen (CCE Centro de Cultura Espanhola, Mostra de Artes – Montevideo –Uruguay). ON_OFF live image – compositions and live music for the event “Ensaio sobre a Crueldade ou o Encontro do Sr. Fatzer com a Rainha de Copas”, of Rachel Rosalen, participation of Paula Pretta – Instituto Itaú Cultural (jul 06). WS2 - Intervenções sobre Walter Smetak por Wilson Sukorski : relecturing on the works of Walter Smetak, laptop music (29 Oct 06) at the Auditório da CPFL Campinas.

Somcilotto - Artistic sonification of 49 paintings of the concrete painter Luiz Sacilotto in flash. SABINA Museum - Parque Central Santo André (Abr 07). SuperStrings )- much more info click here : Narcisos : Sound and video installation with Isadora environment with Luiz Duva - (Abr 07). São Paulo, The Metropolis Symphony : Exibition of the silent movie with live music by Livio Tragtenberg and Wilson Sukorski. Centro Cultural São Paulo - Virada Cultural (May 07). Perfomance Vermelho Sangue : Multimedia show with Luiz Duva and Wilson Sukorski. Openning of the exposition "Por um Fio" curated by Daniela Bousso - Espaço CPFL Campinas - (Ago 08). Film Harakiri of Fritz Lang with live music at 1ª Jornada de Cinema Silencioso - Cinematéca Brasileira - (Ago 07). 7 Improvisações em Torno de Heiner Muller (7 improvisations around Heiner Muller) : Multimedia show with the texts of H. Muller with the actor Paulo César Pereio. Teatro Paulo Autran - SESC Pinheiros (Out 07). Medéia Material, HamletMaschine e Descrição de Imagem : composition of the music for the three theatre pieces for the "Heiner Muller in Repertoire", by Cia Nova de Teatro. directed byLenerson Polonini. Auditório do SESC Pinheiros (Out/Nov 07). Orquestra de LapTops de São Paulo (Laptop Orchestra of S Paulo) : First presentation of the Orchestra in the University Anhembi Morumbi. São Paulo (Nov 07). Sound Installation "Ao Pé D'Ouvido" : Sound installation on the texts and textual expressions of the brasilizian language. SESC 24 de Maio (Nov 07). "São Paulo, a Symphonia da Metrópole - São Paulo the Metropolis Symhony) : Presentation of the silent movie with live music at 40th birthday comemorations of the Cinemathéque of Jerusalém. Jerusalém - Israel. (Dez 07).

7 Improvisations around Heiner Muller - Spectacle of live electronic music and texts by Heiner Muller interpreted live by actor Paul César Pereio. Teatro SESC Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro (Jan 08). Presentation of the film "São Paulo, the Symphonia of the Metropolis" - Presentation of the silent movie with live music by Livio Tragtenberg Sukorski and Wilson. Theatre of the Center for Jewish Culture, the commemorations of the anniversary of the city of São Paulo. (Jan 08). "M de Machado" in the event "Me, Machado de Assis." Live electronic music and poetry interpreted by actor Paul César Pereio - III Virada Cultural de São Paulo (Mar 08). "Jam of Dance" - Centro Cultural São Paulo Aug 08. "3 Movements for Orqestra" - Orqestra Laptop São Paulo - FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil - Aug 08. Sudamerica Electronica in the Stars (Planetarium Ibirapuera SP) - "Somnium" afterJ.Kepler - Aug 08. Concerto "Apalea Mosca" "Fly's beating" during Experimentaclub, Madrid Spain on Oct 08. Lecture "Electronic Music of Invention" AV Media Lab Prado, Madrid Spain - out 08. Show "WS at Club Radar", Madrid Spain, Oct. 08. Show "Unconscious Voices" DA2 in Salamanca Spain - out 08. Concert of "Electronic Music of Invention" Jorge Antunes and Wilson Sukorski - MIS Auditorium Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, December 08.

DVD recording of the project : "code:: name vRvBv" - LabMIS studio - Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo (Feb to April 2009). "São Paulo, Symphony and Cacophony" - SESC Santana (April-September). Lecture "Prisoners of Romanticism - Art and Technology Event" - CCBB SP (April 20). "Orqestra Laptop São Paulo" - Virada Cultural São Paulo Ribeirão Preto (May 2009). "Test Tube" - show with Pepe da Mata Machado (CCBB SP May 20). "Laptops Orqestra of Sao Paulo" - SESC Paulista (May 30). "Sao Paulo, the Metropolis Symphony" (80 years) - Teatro São Pedro (Jun 09). Pre Release of the DVD-Audio "code:: name VRVBV" - SESC Vila Mariana (Jul 09). Presentation of performance "Interrítmos" with Alê Porres - Pure Data Conference - SESC Paulista (Aug 09). DVD release "code:: name VRVBV" - MIS Auditorium of the Museum of Image and Sound (Aug 09). Soundtrack for the play "Listen Zé Mané" by Paulo César Pereio - SESC Paulista Sep 09.

"PSSA Project - Sub Aquatic Soundscapes - sound installation for swimming pools and three concerts in water: Wet Music, Water and Toys and Microssound . SESC Araraquara (Jan / Feb 10). "code:: name VRVBV" show in the Audio Art Festival - three cities in Poland: Gdansk Krakov and Cieszyn (mar 10). "SPRT Sao Paulo Real Time" - transmission via internet of 8 points in the city of Sao Paulo in real time. SESC Santana (Apr 10). "Limite" rereading of Mario Peixoto film with live music: MIS Virada Cultural at the Museum of Image and Sound (June 10).